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Meet Mia!

Thankyou for all your lovely Facebook likes, tweets and comments on the design I posted yesterday! I couldn’t resist staying up until the early hours (again!!! what is happening to me?!!!) to play around with some more ideas.

I am just so excited by this collection and after playing last night, a second collection has now evolved! As promised, above is the second design in the collection.

Here are the two designs I have shown you from this collection as iPhone cases and stationary cards, they are available to buy over at Society6.com/ClaireSmillie

Don’t you just love the direction of this collection?

So many creative possibility’s 🙂

I have other design’s from this collection ready for you, but for now I gotta love ya and leave ya…although if you join me on Facebook or Twitter I *may* just give you guys a sneaky peak later today!



Look who’s changed their Society6 header…so much better!

Roll on September

Feeling SO inspired and motivated right now, I can see GOOD things are going to happen in September…it’s going to be the absolute BEST month!

‘Daisy Brown’ Iphone case now available to buy from Society6

Last night, I didn’t go to bed until nearly 3am…I didn’t need to…heck I didn’t want to! I was too excited for the ideas that have been whirling round my head…trying to put steps in motion to make them happen 🙂


P.S. That iphone case ^^^^^^^ shown above was my new release last night over on Society6. Go check it out….they are offering FREE worldwide shipping again until Sunday!

P.P.S ***Last night, I sent emails out to everyone who registered an interest in blogging for the second ‘Passion For Pattern’ bloghop which will take place on 16th September 2012. If you wanted to take part and haven’t received an email, contact me NOW by emailing clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk…we’d love for you to join us :)***

Doily Maths

Doily Maths Framed Art Print

WOW! What a great response to the ‘Passion for Pattern’ bloghop that I announced would be re-running in September! I will sit down and send emails back to everybody I have heard from in the next couple of days, so if you emailed me, hang in there….the information is on it’s way to you! I have been asked one question a couple of times….

‘Is the second bloghop restricted to just participants of  ‘The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design?’ 

and the answer….

Nooo! This bloghop is an open call for any professional or aspiring designers! I would love you to join me and showcase your designs to the world regardless of your educational background. 

So send me an email now at clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk to register your interest….and don’t forget to tell all your designer friends too!

The more the merrier!

Doily Maths iPhone Case

P.S. Hope you like today’s new design that has just been uploaded onto Society6!

Doily Maths Stationery Cards

Passion For Pattern Bloghop…

Hands up who remembers the Passion For Pattern Bloghop from June?!

Well I think it’s about time, we do another! So, this is an open call for any designers who would like to take part in a little pattern party to showcase some of their wonderful work to get in contact now! Just shoot an email to clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk, with the subject line Pattern Bloghop, including your name and blog address & I will send you all the details!

And finally to end this post, just because I can, here’s another new design I created & uploaded to Society 6 this morning! 

Formation iPhone Case

and here’s the result….

As always (and I’m sure you know the drill by now) its available to buy over on Society 6 along with a shed-load of my other designs!

Stamped iPhone Case


For me, the freedom that the imagery of birds represent totally calls out to me….so much so, I am *really* tempted to get a bird tattoo on my wrist like Sienna Miller.

Anyhow, daydreams of tattoos aside, I am still on that roll and I am seriously kicking butt this week putting every ounce of energy  I have into some (hopefully) rocking designs. Here is another new design from yesterday, which is now on Society 6.

Don’t forget the FREE shipping announcement from Society6 on yesterdays post! Just click on the Society6 link in today/yesterdays blog post to take advantage of this artist promotion.