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Doily Maths

Doily Maths Framed Art Print

WOW! What a great response to the ‘Passion for Pattern’ bloghop that I announced would be re-running in September! I will sit down and send emails back to everybody I have heard from in the next couple of days, so if you emailed me, hang in there….the information is on it’s way to you! I have been asked one question a couple of times….

‘Is the second bloghop restricted to just participants of  ‘The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design?’ 

and the answer….

Nooo! This bloghop is an open call for any professional or aspiring designers! I would love you to join me and showcase your designs to the world regardless of your educational background. 

So send me an email now at clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk to register your interest….and don’t forget to tell all your designer friends too!

The more the merrier!

Doily Maths iPhone Case

P.S. Hope you like today’s new design that has just been uploaded onto Society6!

Doily Maths Stationery Cards


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