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Let’s fly!


I am so pleased to be joining over 50 international Surface Pattern Designers for today’s bloghop! You have probably just hopped here from the lovely Sharon Minkhuk. Weren’t her designs just gorgeous?! As you probably may have worked out by now, Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year 2013, curated by Believe Creative Studio and starting at www.patternaddict.blogspot.fr we have been challenged to be inspired by this to create our own mini collections!

For those of you that may not have ‘met’ me before, I am Claire….Claire Smillie and I am absolutely addicted to the wonderful (and sometimes crazy!) world of design. There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than researching, creating and designing. You can see a selection of my work on my website http://www.clairesmillie.com

Our designs started with the idea of flight….firstly I brainstormed ideas surrounding flight…wings, hot air balloons, butterflies, bees, wasps, birds, aeroplanes….the list was endless but if you know me then you would know that I just had to go with the idea of birds. They are just so me. I then looked through my sketchbooks for any images/motifs that called out to me and found this wonderful collaged flower that I had previously created

pearl copybloghop

 along with some nature inspired sketches/markings.


I then set to work to create my mini collection of three designs, remembering the importance of Emerald Green. I have to admit here that Emerald Green is not a colour I am naturally drawn to (even though it is my birthstone!) so it took me a little time playing with the colours to get this just right but I’m loving it now and think it has come together beautifully!


My favourite is the one on the top right absolutely gorgeous and I love all the layers…think this would look great as wallpaper or maybe even the front cover of a diary?!

2013 is going to be a GOOD year. I can feel it. So much to do, so much to accomplish. If you follow my blog (or even my Facebook or twitter) you’ll  probably know from my video post, my word for the year is TOGETHER…..together as a family and together as a community…that is where we are strongest. Which leads me on to my challenge for the year…one eighty in one eighty…. I want to contribute to and strengthen our community of designers. And I think this idea could do just that.

I am going to challenge myself to interview one hundred and eighty designers this year……. each for one hundred and eighty seconds (give or take a milli-second or two!)

Thats just THREE minutes of time…because I KNOW how important time is to us all..both for the viewers (as yes my plan is to record the interview…which will probably be video chats…so we can see each other!) and the designers who wish to participate. With well chosen questions, I can see these mini interviews are going to get very interesting!

So, how can you help ‘one eighty in one eighty?’ well I’d love for some of you to be interviewed 🙂 If you’re up for it, then drop me an email at clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk and we can getting planning your segment. If you’d rather not be interviewed, you can still join in the fun here on my blog as I will be posting each and every interview for you to see!

This is a BIG challenge (and I’m hoping to raise the bar by getting some amazing designers on board) but I am determined to make it!

Wish me Luck and make sure you join me on the way!

****To keep up-to-date don’t forget you can follow me on twitter (claire_smillie) or ‘like’ me on Facebook (designedbyclairesmillie)****

Now, don’t forget to hop on over to the next blog, which I am so pleased is my good friend Nicky Ovitt from California, USA. She is a wonderful designer and I for one, can not wait to see what she has created!


A date for your diary!


I am so excited to be taking part in this wonderful Bloghop Thursday (10th January) from 2pm GMT. Come join me and over 50 other international designers as we are inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year Emerald….which is also co-incidentally my birthstone!


As I sit here typing, I can’t believe that it’s FINALLY the 16th September 2012. A date that I have been waiting to share with you for a long time, for today is our 2nd ‘Passion For Pattern’ Bloghop!

‘Feathered’ by Claire Smillie

The last bloghop, oozed with gorgeousness and proved to be an amazing source of inspiration. With a participant list just shy of fifty,  I am so excited by this second bloghop and the amazing line-up we have waiting for you!

We have participants from across the globe, including the UK, Netherlands, USA and so many places in-between ensuring us a huge range of so many different styles, colours and inspirations. I will keep this initial post short but sweet, as I know you are dying to hop along to see the others in the party as they showcase their wonderful work.

‘Falling Feathers’ by Claire Smillie

For those of you who have not blog-hopped before, it’s really simple! All you need to do is follow the link in each post the next blog and continue forward reading each post and clicking on the next until you reach Diane who marks the end of today’s bloghop. If at any point you get lost or a link is broken, please come back here where you can find a full participant listing below.

‘Shaped’ by Claire Smillie

Now, before you all go running off to the next stop, which is Anneline’s gorgeous NEW blog….. there are BIG things in the pipeline for ‘Creativity Rocks’ and ‘D.e.s.i.g.n.e.d by Claire Smillie‘ so if you haven’t already (whether you are a fellow creative or customer) make sure you follow me on twitter as claire_smillie  and on my NEW Facebook page (which after been encouraged by some of my fellows hoppers, I have literally just set up!) And to celebrate, I’ll even make you all a deal that when I get to 100 Facebook followers, I’ll do a giveaway for some of my products! So head over, follow me now and without further ado……..

Let’s get this party started & don’t forget to leave a little love at the blogs you visit by leaving us comments, each little one makes us smile!

Claire Smillie – http://www.clairesmillie.wordpress.com

Anneline Gregory – http://www.annelinesophiadesigns.com/blog/

Cara Holland – http://www.patternbooth.com/blog

Jen Whitham – http://www.jlwillustration.blogspot.co.uk

Sarah Paris – http://www.sarahparis.co.uk/wordpress

Carrie Tasman – http://www.tasmanstudio.blogspot.com

Jacqueline Auvigne – http://www.jacquelineauvigne.com

Anna Dent – http://www.annadentdesign.wordpress.com

Julie Edwards – http://www.spaark.wordpress.com

Simi Gauba – http://www.simidesign.blogspot.se

Bethania Lima – http://www.bethanialimapatternlove.blogspot.co.uk

Esther Cox – http://www.esthercox.blogspot.co.uk

Miranda Mol – http://www.mirandamol.blogspot.nl

Lesley Todd – http://www.birdahoy.blogspot.com

Gill Eggleston – http://www.patternaddict.blogspot.fr

Zoe Attwell – http://www.zoeattwell.blogspot.co.uk

Eva Marion Seyffarth – http://www.eva-marion-seyffarth.blogspot.com

Louise Gale – http://www.louisegale.com

Sylvia Tay – http://www.sylviatay.wordpress.com

Jolene Heckman – http://www.joleneheckman.blogspot.com

Dunia Nalu – http://www.dcontent.tumblr.com

Dawn Clarkson – http://www.niceandfancy.blogspot.it

Nicky Ovitt – http://www.nickyovitt.com/blog

Femi Ford – http://www.femiford.com

Jennifer Rogers – http://www.jenniferrogers.me

Maraya Rodostianos – http://www.printpapercloth.com

Mel Smith – http://www.melsmithdesigns.blogspot.co.uk

Amanda Taylor – http://www.taylorstitched.blogspot.co.uk

Leslie Doughty – http://www.lesliedoughty.com/

Mary Tanana – http://www.groovitydesigns.com

Loni Harris – http://www.cactusandolive.blogspot.co.uk

Anna Berger – http://www.designannaberger.wordpress.com

Liz Smith – http://www.ellejanedesigns.blogspot.co.uk

Tanya Brown – http://www.schatzibrown.wordpress.com

Virginia Kamau – http://virginiakamau.blogspot.se/

Gillian Hollingsworth – http://www.worthydesignstudio.wordpress.com

Emine Ortega – http://www.emineortega.blogspot.com

Julia Barber – http://www.pinkamaryllis.co.uk

Emily Ann – http://www.emilyannstudio.com/blog

Rozynna Fielding – http://www.patternsapart.com

Tammie – http://www.tammiecbennett.com

Tina Olsson – http://www.fyllayta.wordpress.com

Anna Oguienko – http://blog.annaoguienko.com

Tina Devins – http://www.dreamingonastar.com/blog

Dianne Hricko – http://www.notesfrom207.blogspot.com

Rosie Simmons – http://www.rosiesimons.blogspot.com

Diane Rooney – http://www.dianerooney.co.uk/blog

Roll on September

Feeling SO inspired and motivated right now, I can see GOOD things are going to happen in September…it’s going to be the absolute BEST month!

‘Daisy Brown’ Iphone case now available to buy from Society6

Last night, I didn’t go to bed until nearly 3am…I didn’t need to…heck I didn’t want to! I was too excited for the ideas that have been whirling round my head…trying to put steps in motion to make them happen 🙂


P.S. That iphone case ^^^^^^^ shown above was my new release last night over on Society6. Go check it out….they are offering FREE worldwide shipping again until Sunday!

P.P.S ***Last night, I sent emails out to everyone who registered an interest in blogging for the second ‘Passion For Pattern’ bloghop which will take place on 16th September 2012. If you wanted to take part and haven’t received an email, contact me NOW by emailing clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk…we’d love for you to join us :)***

Doily Maths

Doily Maths Framed Art Print

WOW! What a great response to the ‘Passion for Pattern’ bloghop that I announced would be re-running in September! I will sit down and send emails back to everybody I have heard from in the next couple of days, so if you emailed me, hang in there….the information is on it’s way to you! I have been asked one question a couple of times….

‘Is the second bloghop restricted to just participants of  ‘The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design?’ 

and the answer….

Nooo! This bloghop is an open call for any professional or aspiring designers! I would love you to join me and showcase your designs to the world regardless of your educational background. 

So send me an email now at clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk to register your interest….and don’t forget to tell all your designer friends too!

The more the merrier!

Doily Maths iPhone Case

P.S. Hope you like today’s new design that has just been uploaded onto Society6!

Doily Maths Stationery Cards

Family bloghop

I am so excited to be joining in with the lovely Margies family bloghop this month. Margie has been running this fantastic bloghop for a few months now and I have admired it from afar,  as I absolutely love the idea and look who’s taking part this month….MOI!  Thankyou so much Margie for having me and a big welcome to all you new readers!!! Just one thing you need to know about me…I love to talk ….so comments totally *make* my day and I am a BIG fan of twitter so follow mee!

The idea behind the bloghop is to post a picture of YOU with your family, as typically us scrapbookers are the one’s taking the pictures and are always missed out the shot!

So, after what was probably close to a million attempts, here is ours! This was one that I was determined to nail using the self timer on my camera inspired by the shots Karen Russell often shows on her blog….she has the most PERFECT knack of capturing  everyday shots.

You wouldn’t believe how many shots it took to get to this and it is still far from perfect!!

Here is the complete listing of all the others taking part in todays hop, if you haven’t already then you must pay them a visit…they have some wonderful photos and I am already feeling inspired for next months picture!

Margie   –      http://xnomads.typepad.com/blog

Carol Anne  –   http://www.scrappingthoughts.com

Monica    –     http://questtoperfectimperfection.blogspot.com

Jo       –      http://www.mrsbeee.blogspot.com

Ruth     –      http://www.chattycraftyartypig.blogspot.com

Jill     –      http://jillconyers.com

Claire    –     http://www.clairesmillie.wordpress.com

As you can see, I am the last blog for you to visit on this months hop, but before you log off make sure you complete the full circle and head back to Margie’s wonderful blog if you haven’t already…..did you notice she has a GREAT giveaway from Ella Publishing to win a photography ebook. Jeez, I could sooo do with winning that! Still not quite rockin those shots.

Before you go, if you haven’t already make sure you check out the Passion4Pattern bloghop that started from here on Saturday! It was sooo much fun. I joined together, with over 20 surface pattern designers to showcase some fabulous design’s……… think i’ve got a little thing for all this bloghopping now!

Passion for Pattern Bloghop!

A HUGE welcome to the very first ‘Passion for Pattern’ Bloghop where we will be showcasing some amazing designs from over 20 unique surface pattern designers! The designs on this post are just a small selection of my designs, you can find lots more of my work on my website www.clairesmillie.com

So many people have been asking me, in the last few days ‘What is a bloghop?’

Well, it’s simple!

To make a start, all you have to do is to read this post and click the link to take you to the next designer, who is the wonderful Veronica. Once you have read her post, just click on the link within her post to be taken to the world of the next designer! Continue to follow through the hop reading each post and clicking on each link, until you reach Njeri Designs who marks the end of our hop today.

See, I told you….it really couldn’t be simpler! There are some wonderful designs in a range of styles for you to see….. this is going to be such an inspirational day!

Just incase you get ‘lost’ along your way or want to take a break during the hop, here is the complete listing of the blog’s taking part today!

Running Order of Blogs

Claire Smillie – http://www.clairesmillie.wordpress.com

Veronica Galbraith – http://www.pitter-pattern.com

Femi Ford – http://www.femiford.com/blog

Jacqueline Auvigne – http://www.jacquelineauvigne.com

Rosa Martinez – http://believecreativestudio.blogspot.nl

Evelyn Cassoli – http://www.evelyncassoli.com

Bethania Lima –  http://www.bethanialimapatternlove.blogspot.com

Miranda Mol – http://www.mirandamol.blogspot.nl

Eva Marion – http://www.eva-marion-seyffarth.blogspot.de

Jolene Heckman – http://www.joleneheckman.blogspot.com

Schatzi Brown – http://www.schatzibrown.wordpress.com

Eva Carlavilla – http://www.eva-carlavilla.com

Justine Aldersey-Williams – http://www.justinecreates.blogspot.co.uk

Emine Ortega – http://www.emineortega.blogspot.com

Jacqueline van Roosmalen – http://www.colourbookstudio.wordpress.com

Diane Rooney – http://www.diane-rooney.blogspot.co.uk

Leslie Doughty – http://www.lesliedoughty.com

Anna Berger – http://www.designannaberger.wordpress.com

Sayonee Design – http://www.saminkdesign.blogspot.co.uk

Sandee Hjorth – http://www.beautifullivingblog.blogspot.co.nz

Nicola Griffiths – http://www.pikadoodles.com

Tammie Bennett – http://www.tam-me.com

Mel Smith – http://www.melsmithdesigns.blogspot.co.uk

Michelle Drew – http://www.patternandco.com

Lauren Britchford – http://www.laurenbritchford.blogspot.com

Njeri Designs – http://virginiakamau.blogspot.co.uk

A big thankyou to all the designers who have supported this hop and taken part to celebrate the wonderful world of Surface Pattern Design. I am honored to have each of you share your fabulous designs with us and let us take a little peek inside your world!

Don’t forget to leave comments on the blogs you visit and link us up to your blog if you have one….we’d love to hear from you!

Now click here to go to the next blog & enjoy the hop!!!!