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A good day…

IMG_6656Tuesdays…my new favourite day…well for this week anyway!




So, it’s the Easter Holidays and I’m *meant* to be having two weeks off from designing whilst the kids are off school, but so far the obsessive in me hasn’t quite managed it and I have totally got carried away with a new brief. In one week, I’ve nearly filled a whole new sketchbook (and brought a sewing machine and read a design book!) Eeeek!! So bad, but I can’t help myself and I’m pretty sure there are far worse things I could be doing!

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 17.29.57

This week (apart from eating lots of chocolates!) I was excited to share a peek into one of my sketchbooks with the lovely Sue Bulmer, you can check out the feature by clicking here.

Sketchy Tuesday!

Yes you are right…today is really friday and it’s turned out to be a SNOW DAY with my babies….but I actually went to create this post on Tuesday, hence the title….although typically ‘life’ got in the way, so I am posting today! I am currently in the ‘research’ stages of a new design project for Autumn/Winter 2014 and love the mixture of texture and sketches that is filling up my sketchbook right now…


Totally love it! This project is gonna rock bigtime.




Today, I had so much to say I thought I’d treat you to a little video post instead of typing it all. Just press play to get started!


The Plan 2013 from CLAIRE SMILLIE on Vimeo.

Sketching the night away…

The last couple of days have been spent sketching away some motifs for my newest collection to be.


Choosing a sketchbook is one of THE hardest things for a designer to do! Personally I love large chunky square sketchbooks and am always on the lookout for one which inspires me and makes me want to draw and design inside it! When we were in London, I fell in love with the one below …so luxurious but at @ £12.50 for a sketchbook, (when I go through them so quickly) really isn’t economical. The sketchbook played on my mind and we ended up going in Paperchase (different ones I may add!) three times before Leon decided enough was enough and marched over to the till with it!

00501280_largeYou gotta agree though, it is pretty damn beautiful even though it breaks my square rule!