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A Little Red….

Soooo, looks like I’ve gone a little quiet here again…but that’s good…actually life’s very good. Indeed I’m at my best when I am busy and busy I have been! Creating accessories based on concealment and the unexpected. This has taken me on a fabulous journey of slashing, burning, melting and shoe-making! Here’s some of my not-quite finished shoes….


Can you guess my inspiration?!


Design Development

So, this brief started with four objects….


– A seed head
– A bloom
– A Peacock feather
– A frame


And then came my inspiration board…

And two whole sketchbooks FULL of research, sketches…..

and initial design ideas.

I scanned my favorite motifs, textures and images, into the computer for further design development….

where it is easy to manipulate, add layers and change colors of my designs.

I keep experimenting and developing my ideas….

until finally one will stop me in my tracks…

and take me to that ‘happy’ place x