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Let’s fly!


I am so pleased to be joining over 50 international Surface Pattern Designers for today’s bloghop! You have probably just hopped here from the lovely Sharon Minkhuk. Weren’t her designs just gorgeous?! As you probably may have worked out by now, Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year 2013, curated by Believe Creative Studio and starting at www.patternaddict.blogspot.fr we have been challenged to be inspired by this to create our own mini collections!

For those of you that may not have ‘met’ me before, I am Claire….Claire Smillie and I am absolutely addicted to the wonderful (and sometimes crazy!) world of design. There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than researching, creating and designing. You can see a selection of my work on my website http://www.clairesmillie.com

Our designs started with the idea of flight….firstly I brainstormed ideas surrounding flight…wings, hot air balloons, butterflies, bees, wasps, birds, aeroplanes….the list was endless but if you know me then you would know that I just had to go with the idea of birds. They are just so me. I then looked through my sketchbooks for any images/motifs that called out to me and found this wonderful collaged flower that I had previously created

pearl copybloghop

 along with some nature inspired sketches/markings.


I then set to work to create my mini collection of three designs, remembering the importance of Emerald Green. I have to admit here that Emerald Green is not a colour I am naturally drawn to (even though it is my birthstone!) so it took me a little time playing with the colours to get this just right but I’m loving it now and think it has come together beautifully!


My favourite is the one on the top right absolutely gorgeous and I love all the layers…think this would look great as wallpaper or maybe even the front cover of a diary?!

2013 is going to be a GOOD year. I can feel it. So much to do, so much to accomplish. If you follow my blog (or even my Facebook or twitter) you’ll  probably know from my video post, my word for the year is TOGETHER…..together as a family and together as a community…that is where we are strongest. Which leads me on to my challenge for the year…one eighty in one eighty…. I want to contribute to and strengthen our community of designers. And I think this idea could do just that.

I am going to challenge myself to interview one hundred and eighty designers this year……. each for one hundred and eighty seconds (give or take a milli-second or two!)

Thats just THREE minutes of time…because I KNOW how important time is to us all..both for the viewers (as yes my plan is to record the interview…which will probably be video chats…so we can see each other!) and the designers who wish to participate. With well chosen questions, I can see these mini interviews are going to get very interesting!

So, how can you help ‘one eighty in one eighty?’ well I’d love for some of you to be interviewed 🙂 If you’re up for it, then drop me an email at clairelouisesmillie@hotmail.co.uk and we can getting planning your segment. If you’d rather not be interviewed, you can still join in the fun here on my blog as I will be posting each and every interview for you to see!

This is a BIG challenge (and I’m hoping to raise the bar by getting some amazing designers on board) but I am determined to make it!

Wish me Luck and make sure you join me on the way!

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Now, don’t forget to hop on over to the next blog, which I am so pleased is my good friend Nicky Ovitt from California, USA. She is a wonderful designer and I for one, can not wait to see what she has created!


On Cloud Nine…


Just a little design, that I must have created back in August/September which I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you!


I love this neon colour way which I think would look great on stationary whilst the one below would look awesome as nursery decor for a little one.


Mission Tree

Okay, so we blitzed the shopping last night….in and out of town in a couple of hours…most of which was in one department store where we may have ‘accidentally’ got a little carried away and overspent by quite a few £££. But, the kids are only little once and who are we to ruin the ‘magic of christmas’ for them?! And, you know what, Leon is such a sucker for a toy…I swear half of the ones we brought were actually for him!


Today I am living on a promise and I must must must must must must must do the tree with the kiddies before bed, I am working all weekend (yup, even Sunday…must.be.mad!!) and we have a christmas doo tomorrow evening (yippee!!! Love a good ole knees-up) so it HAS to be done today. So enough waffle from me, I’m on  a mission….. tree, tree, tree.


P.S : By the way, just incase you were wondering those designs ^^^^^^^^…NOTHING absolutely what-so-ever to do with trees or christmas or my mission…but they are a variant of a recent final design I created, so I thought I’d share with my favs! EnjoY!


For me, the freedom that the imagery of birds represent totally calls out to me….so much so, I am *really* tempted to get a bird tattoo on my wrist like Sienna Miller.

Anyhow, daydreams of tattoos aside, I am still on that roll and I am seriously kicking butt this week putting every ounce of energy  I have into some (hopefully) rocking designs. Here is another new design from yesterday, which is now on Society 6.

Don’t forget the FREE shipping announcement from Society6 on yesterdays post! Just click on the Society6 link in today/yesterdays blog post to take advantage of this artist promotion.

Exciting news!!!

Screenshot of MY designs live on Envelop!

Woohoo! I have just opened my email and see some designs that I sent into the wonderful Envelop.eu have been approved! I am so excited!! This means that my ‘Soar’ design can now be brought as a cushion, tote bag, oven gloves and aprons!

‘Soar’ design by Claire Smillie available to buy from Envelop

‘Soar’ design by Claire Smillie available to buy from Envelop

I love, love, love that I was free to design both sides of the product (as often a repeat of the print would be used) which means the cushions, gloves and bag have a super simple black and white polka dot design on the reverse!

‘soar’ design by Claire Smillie available to buy from Envelop

‘Soar’ design by Claire Smillie available to buy from Envelop

The polka dots make me super happy and really make this design rock. I can totally see how I could turn the cushion or the bag around to suit my mood and have two completely different looks from the one product! So cool!

‘Soar’ design by Claire Smillie available to buy from Envelop

‘Soar’ design by Claire Smillie available to buy from Envelop

I just love how they have turned out! Envelop have a really cool gallery on their website, so if you buy any of these products make sure you take a picture of your lovlies and if they post your picture in the gallery you will receive a gift card to use against future purchases! Soooo worth doing! And, don’t forget to send me the picture too…I’d LOVE to see 🙂

‘Soar’ design by Claire Smillie available to buy from envelop.eu


Another surface pattern design, Soar, created by me! Love how the iphone case turned out for this one…

Ohhh and those Dotty crowns, look how they turned into Stationary Cards!

Totally LOVE! I’m having so much fun creating all these designs at the moment…although my other artsy addictions are suffering slightly *but* I sooo just received Suzi Blu’s new book in the post from Amazon and it looks really good! Can’t wait to try out some of the ideas.

Just having a play….


Half way through a little tag project….here’s a sneak peak at the half way mark….can’t wait to show you the finished tag!

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