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On Cloud Nine…


Just a little design, that I must have created back in August/September which I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you!


I love this neon colour way which I think would look great on stationary whilst the one below would look awesome as nursery decor for a little one.



One week to go!

So, its all here far too quickly once again and next week this time it shall almost all be over! And so far we are wayyyy behind schedule. No christmas tree, very little pressies and absolutely no food! To make it worse, Leon and I are both working right up to Christmas Eve…ekkk! Panic not though, it will all come together….after all, for the last ten years we have been the pro’s of pulling together a ‘Last minute Xmas’ (and we have even been known to have taken our tree down on boxing day! Our house is just far too small for a tree and two small children!) Whilst I am off to make a start on the last minute preparations, I will leave you with one of my recent final designs.


This design is a variant from my ‘Urban Line’ collection.

Urban Line

I am just waiting for my final designs to print and thought I’d quickly show you a sneak peak of the collection I have been busy designing. Hop aboard the ‘Urban Line’.


and here’s the result….

As always (and I’m sure you know the drill by now) its available to buy over on Society 6 along with a shed-load of my other designs!

Stamped iPhone Case

Geometric Sneak

Inspired by Geometric shapes, here is a little sneak of a design, that I have been working on this morning in two alternative colorways.

Daisys Gone Wild!

Daisy's Gone Wild

Scarf design for the Beta Inception Project by Claire Smillie

Finally, the third installment of the scarves I have designed for the Beta Fashion Inception Project. Whoever would have know these scarves all started out as sketches in the parkĀ  on a Sunday afternoon?! In this scarf you can clearly see some of those sketches, but I promise you they are there as (almost hidden) layers in the other two scarves as well!

Original Scarf design by Claire Smillie for the Beta Fashion Inception Project

Knowing when to stop!

I have this ‘thing‘ when I’m creating a page or project whereby I go through stages and stages of loving it, then hating it, then thinking it’s okay, then hating it again, then loving it again and then thinking “ooooh I’ll just do this one last thing to it” Often that one last thing, is the most important and either makes it or kills it! But I just can’t resist taken it that one step further.

Here is a perfect example of this..a scrapbook page which I worked on Sunday evening, then when I came to post it yesterday I thought it needs a little more…something else……. so I fiddled some more and added bits to it and now I am totally and utterly confused which I prefer!

So, i’ve decided I’ll let you decide!!! I’d love to know which you prefer…the original here…..or the ramped up version below….

Taking it up a gear……….