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Geeking Out!


Okay, so, schoolgirl error I may have just missed the bus from uni back to the park and ride. But, on a good note, that gives me to time to post this little video I created early this morning! It’s only short, but you get to hear all about my guilty pleasure!



Better late than never!

Lol, actually doing a happy dance right now asĀ I did upload this video about 10hours ago, but couldn’t figure out how to let you guys see it as it kept saying ‘error, error’ every step of the way BUT taadah…here it is…so much for time-saving ideas….I really should have just typed it!

Claire Smillie on October 1st 2012 from CLAIRE SMILLIE on Vimeo.

Join Claire ten mins before she heads out the door to view the design portfolio she has prepared for her meeting!

Art Journaling in Super Sonic Speed!!!

Wanna see me make this Art Journal page in super sonic speed?!!!! Well here’s your chance!

This is a video of me creating the page which I’ve added some music to and speeded up….so you can see my whole process from start to finish in under 3minutes. Hope you enjoy!!

Untitled from Claire Smillie on Vimeo.