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Icing on the cake!

Today’s post is showcasing another of my recent final designs…which is actually very apt as today was the day where we were given the feedback for our first module’s work at the University. I can hardly still believe I am even on the course…let alone one module done and dusted. I really am so, so greatful and thankful everyday, that I am have been given this am.az.ing opportunity to experiment and develop my creativity. It has completely turned my life around…but so seemlessly and positivly.

It was obviously just meant to be.

In the few weeks I have been there, I already feel so much more alive, inspired and well-informed as a designer. To receive kind words and feedback from designers of whom I respect and admire, such as, “excellent body of work……… delicious with beautiful colour and varied surface texture….” is really just the icing on the cake.




Over the next few days, I will fire off a few quick posts to showcase some final designs that I have recently created. Hope you enjoy!