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Archive for January 7, 2013

A productive weekend….

So whilst the rest of the UK was sleeping peacefully…. getting ready for our first proper week of the New Year…..the week when everything goes back to ‘normal’ and children/parents return back to school and work (well all except mine, who seem to have blagged an inset day)….insomnia and the ‘annual’ winter cold hit all at once. So today…the day I have been waiting for, for the last three weeks with a list of things to do as loooonnnggg as my arm…. I’m feeling a tad under the weather.


But never the less, I am really really excited about my new collection and how it is coming together. Through my sketchbook, I am beginning to develop a really ¬†firm ground for this project and have some strong ideas that I can’t wait to push the boundaries with. So much so, that last night I took it a step further and started to look at my designs in a more 3D way as fashion garments. My ideal would be to create these designs out of fabric using my surface designs which I would create specifically for the garment.


This is just a couple of pictures showing some of the variations I was working on. I really enjoyed the idea of using a piece of fabric and constructing a garment without any cutting and just pins…if only the rest of the construction would be that simple!

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 11.40.04

Aside from this, I had a productive weekend re-creating my website (http://www.clairesmillie.com). It has gone from been full of bright colours to a more minimilistic background, which I think provides a stronger showcase of my work and is more in keeping with my current style. There are still a couple further developments I would like to make to my website but I couldn’t wait for it to go live so go and check it out…you know you want to!