'the life of a textile and surface pattern designer'

Outside the box

As a designer, you have to go with your instinct and stay true to the project you are working on. For every decision you make, there is no right or wrong but  the most important part is to just make a decision and go with it. 


For my recent Urban Line collection, I had to create a content board. Content boards are similar to a mood board in that it is a board (often A3) that captures the essence of the content. You should use both secondary and primary images to help convey this. It should be a little ‘window’ or (taster) into the ideas behind your collection and a great source of inspiration. Generally these boards would be flat (with maybe a little texture), however whilst creating the content board for ‘Urban Line’, I had a great urge, as a designer, to bring it off the page and to really give the viewer the idea of the large amounts of construction within the city. This led to the creation of a 3D board…very similar to that of a shadow box.


I have really thought outside the box (haha no pun intended!) with this handcrafted ‘content board’. It was a risky idea, but one which as a designer I fully back as I feel this is much truer to the essence and nature of my project than an almost flat piece of paper. I have yet to have feedback on this ‘board’ and it could go either way, but I’m really hoping they love it as much as I do, although I am prepared that I may be told that on this occasion I have pushed the boundaries a little too far (is that possible as a designer?! is that not perhaps our objective?!) .


We shall see!

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