'the life of a textile and surface pattern designer'

Red Lines

sponge bob square phone_000127

So back to the London trip, as part of my design process, I have had to create three boards on texture, colour and content. These sum up my trip to London in a nutshell. The colour board is predominately red as in london, red seems to be everywhere…on the tube maps, on sign posts, on the road, on the buses….the list is endless. Outside there was obviously, lots of references to structural and organic colours such as browns, greys, greens and blues. A hint of yellow also creeps in, appearing on the tube map and as you can see on the picture above, on the edges of platforms.

colorboard2With all the pictures I took, my content and texture boards were easy to create. I have designed each of these boards in keeping with the style of the overall project, which is why the photos are all in linear lines as I see London (and this project) is all about the lines (be it on the tube map, the buildings and the structures….lines are everywhere!)




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