'the life of a textile and surface pattern designer'

Letting Loose…


…so there goes another week since I was last here.promise, promise, promise I WILL show you the London photos very soon….I just need to get round to the mammoth task or whittling them down as I am sure you don’t wanna see all thousand! In between my job, uni and family the time really is flying right now….can you believe we are already on week 2 of the adventure brief. It’s surprising how a few days of really focusing in on a project, drawing and mark making in every way possible can get the creative juices flowing and move your ideas on leaps and bounds! (And in ways you may least expect!)


This has been the week of letting loose, discovering the fabulous David Hockney, the sixties and enjoying the challenges of litho printing and cut out…..As well as having an undeniable urge to use up reams and reams of masking tape!


I am loving the direction this project seems to be taking and where my research is guiding me, although I think the end result may turn out very different (and a million times better..I hope) from my initial ideas. Exciting, exciting!

P.S. has anybody done any of Alissa Burke’s online workshops? Especially Graffiti Chic? I have been so interested for a looooonnnggg time and really think now might be the time to do it…if you have, link  me up and let me know how you got on…I’d love to see!


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