'the life of a textile and surface pattern designer'


10am (and not a second later), was the deadline to get our studio space all set up for exhibition and I am relieved to say I made it and module one’s brief has now been done and dusted, ready for marking next Monday & Tuesday. The past few weeks have gone so quickly and I really had so many more ideas of where to take this project, the hardest part for me, was definitely reining my ideas in and learning when to stop! Our studio space is now been classed as an assessment room, so we are not permitted to enter until all marking has been completed…a bit of a lazy few days to help us recover from the intensity of this first brief you may think?! Uh-huh, no can do….it’s straight onto the next brief with the clock already ticking!

I was actually really excited to read through this brief at oooh, approximately one minute past ten this morning! It’s all about drawing inspiration from an adventure, jumping on the next plane (I wish!!!!) or train available and seeing where it takes you. This weekend, co-incidentally we’re off to ‘Lan-den’ town (more commonly know as London!) so I’m hoping Hubby’s gonna play along and get lost with me in the city whilst we stumble upon inspiration…actually so excited as I’ve been wanting to do some street photography in London, but always been too scared…perhaps this could incorporate into my adventure?!!

A lot of people have been mentioning to me lately how my work seems to be very fashion orientated and would sit well within the fashion textiles area, so I have been doing a lot more fashion illustration of late and may incorporate this into my next brief.


One response

  1. Gorgeous work and contagious enthusiasm, Claire. Well done, dear.

    November 2, 2012 at 2:32 pm

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