'the life of a textile and surface pattern designer'

Big is Beautiful

So, back in June you may remember me saying, I was working on two HUGE canvases…no word of a lie they were HUGE…plenty more than a metre wide. I even had to turn the wall of my hallway into a ‘Painting wall’ so that I had somewhere I could hang these canvases whilst I painted….but then maybe the less said about that, the better as that wall is in a serious need of a repaint…sorry hubby. I adored working on such a large scale, it gave me so much freedom and really allowed me to let loose on the canvas with plenty of space to play. My canvases were inspired by the work of Flora Bowley and the Intuitive painting method she uses. This means creating without so much as a plan or an idea in mind but just letting your whole body get into the movement of painting and following your intuition. I LOVE working this way, it is so me right down to the core…the layers of my canvases were often unexpected and full of beautiful suprises and creative delights. Much of the imagery which emerged, I would draw into one of my Journals or Sketchbooks before it turned into something completely different.

Anyhow….I’m telling you this as I love working on a large scale….I ALWAYS have. It must be within my nature! Right from been a child at school, my teachers always use to tell me off for my handwriting been too big and pretty much all my sketchbooks are atleast A4/A3 in size.

Big is beautiful!

So back to June, I had some A1 pieces of card kicking about (as you do!) and it was suggested to me to create a Doodle Board…An area in my house where I could just freely doodle each day, as I walked past, just as a simple creative exercise to let the ideas flow. The hardest part about this it was starting it and the getting over the want for constant perfection, but then once I started the doodles  came rather freely and pretty randomly! It was also the week I brought lots of Copic Markers (love, love, love) so even though I really shouldn’t have, I whacked color on just about all the drawings on the board, just as an excuse to have a little play!

You can probably see from my pictures there are lots and lots of scribbles and lines all over the board, it’s not me gone mad…but well who else…..but little mr & miss! I feel strongly that encouraging their growth and creativity is important, they know their bounderies and that there is a time and a place for their Art. So when they eagerly tried joining in and doodling on the bigboard themselves, who was I to stop them?!! After all, none of these drawings would ever be used as they are in my work and they could all be redrawn, so why restrict them from collaborating with their slighty crazy Mummy in creating our funky doodle board!



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