'the life of a textile and surface pattern designer'

Goodbye acer…hello Mac!

After a good run of what must be nearly 4 years my poor Acer laptop has finally giving up the ghost. I owe this laptop ALOT…we spent many a day together sharing many successes as well as several frustrations.

However, all good things must come to an end and its better to say goodbye to something you like, to make way for something you LOVE! And so, after wanting one for so long (& sometimes probably really really needing one), I was left with no other choice & today I met 27″ Mac 🙂

So exciting!

Yesterday, I was back to designing with paper & ink, which was actually quite fun to be honest and allowed me to creatively let loose. I can really see a very layered and distinctive style emerging from my more recent works. Before my computer did part with me I had just finished creating and uploading another couple of designs to Society6, one of which you can see dotted around this post!

Don’t forget the Artist promotion over at Scoiety6 finishes tomorrow night, so if you were after any of these new designs then make sure you get your order in by then as you may save yourself some money on shipping!


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