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Inspired by Fringe Arts Bath 2012

Coming up three weeks ago now (goodness how does the time fly!?) it was my birthday and for various reasons, this turned out to be a .hard. .hard. day. So in a bid to cheer me up, my husband took me out for the day, just to the city of Bath an hour down the road. We had no plan….except knowing we had to be back in time to pick the kids up.

Art by Ella Robinson

We parked up and just starting wandering around the wonderful city and then we stumbled across one of the empty shops in the city centre and saw it had been lent out as part of an Arts Exhibition for Fringe Arts Bath. We thought we’d have a nosey to help pass the time and wow, I am so glad we did as it was THE BEST bit of the day.

I came out of there feeling so inspired by the wonderful work we had just seen…..we even had to go back a second time to take lots of pictures and share with you guys!

We spent so much time there, that we went to order some lunch after coming out, looked at the clock and realised we needed to *dart* back to the car to get home in time, so we had to cancel that lunch order! But boy, seeing all this wonderful art made it completely worth missing lunch!

There was so much I wanted to show you and I wish you could have seen it all for yourself as the pictures really don’t do it justice! Big thanks though to Hubby who ‘played photographer’! (I think he secretly enjoyed the role!)

The photos in this post are just *some* of the work that inspired me from the exhibition…..but there was sooo much more!

Unfortunatly, I do not have the contact details for all the respective artists or links to them as I do not know myself. So if you are one of the artists or know of them, link me up…I’d LOVE to see more of their work and give them the credit they quite rightly deserve 🙂

Although the exhibition is no longer on, you can check out Fringe Bath Arts website here : http://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk


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