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Archive for May 14, 2012

Jubilee Birds

Jubilee Birds by Claire Smillie

A rather wet day again here today, BUT I finally, finally worked out what wet days are alll about! Check out my blogpost from earlier today to see! Today, was mainly put aside to work on a brief from Wallpapered.com to design four wallpapers…two with an olympics theme and two for the Queen’s Jubilee. Completely different from plan, but I LOVE how this one turned out!


On a day like today…

…I could really do with a pair of these funky wellies by Jessica Swift!

Shalimar Rain Boots by Jessica Swift (www.jessicaswift.com)

Shalimar Rain Boots by Jessica Swift (www.jessicaswift.com/rain-boots-buy/shalimar-boots)

How cool are these?!

Totally, totally LOVE!

She has even made THE BEST LOOKBOOK EVER to show them off in all their glory! The design and photography is WONDERFUL, you must, must, must go take a look 🙂

These are what rainy days must be made for!